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Unlocking Game Translation Potential: ModelWiz and ChatGPT

We had the opportunity to test ModelWiz through the Alocai platform, which provided us with valuable insights into its capabilities. The platform was designed with simplicity in mind, allowing us to focus on translating specific language pairs. For our test, we chose English to Spanish and German translations.

ModelWiz in  game Localization - ITS Groups

We encountered some limitations during our testing phase, specifically regarding the inability to perform multilingual machine translation or translate Excel files with multiple columns. However, we were pleased to discover that enabling the ChatGPT feature was a seamless process, requiring nothing more than a simple switch activation.

Limitation in ModelWiz in  game Localization - ITS Groups

Additionally, ModelWiz could be seamlessly integrated into memoQ, offering us the familiar features we typically look for in a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. Considering that ModelWiz is an independent platform dedicated to machine translation, it is understandable that not all features of a comprehensive CAT tool would be available within its web-based interface. Nevertheless, we were impressed by the platform's speed and its intuitive user experience, making it exceptionally easy to work with.

ModelWiz undergoes a four-stage customization process, ensuring precise and tailored translations for each client and project:

  1. In the first stage, ModelWiz trains the base model using generic data. This initial training establishes a strong language understanding foundation.

  2. The second stage involves fine-tuning the trained base model using video game data. ModelWiz focuses on refining the model's comprehension of gaming terminology, context, and style, resulting in more accurate and contextually appropriate translations

  3. In the third stage, ModelWiz further enhances the video game generic model by incorporating the client's specific Translation Memories. This process fine-tunes the model to align with the client's established terminology and linguistic style, ensuring consistent and customized translations.

  4. Additionally, ModelWiz can integrate GPT technology before or after the third stage. This integration boosts ModelWiz's capabilities, enabling even higher levels of language generation and understanding, thus enhancing the quality and accuracy of translations.

Despite the limitations, ModelWiz has shown promise in providing fast and user-friendly machine translation services on game localization. It offers an efficient solution for certain language pairs and is a valuable tool for specific translation needs. As we continue to explore its capabilities, we are excited about the potential it holds for streamlining the localization workflows.

ModelWiz, through its plug-in in memoQ, offers customized prompts tailored to each project's requirements. These prompts include the appropriate register (formal or informal) for each language, the desired style of the video game, and the specific type of content (UI/dialogues, marketing, etc.). By providing customizable options for each project, ModelWiz strives to deliver exceptional quality translations. It's important to note that this feature is currently not available in the web-based platforms.

Compared with ModelWiz via its plug-in in memoQ and Smartcat's innovative beta features MT with Chatgpt, we believe that ModelWiz web-based platform could offer significant benefits of chatgpt, particularly in the realm of game localization. While ChatGPT is not a machine translation engine per se, it offers the advantage of customization, allowing for greater flexibility in generating translations. So, for companies working on game localization projects who may not be using memoQ, the customization options of ChatGPT on web-based platform can offer a valuable solution. With the ability to integrate ChatGPT into their game translation workflows, companies can still benefit from tailored prompts and achieve high-quality translations, even without using the memoQ platform.

Our experience with ModelWiz showcased its potential to enhance the localization process. While there are some limitations, the platform's customization options and its ability to address specific translation needs make it a valuable tool, especially for game localization. We look forward to further exploring its features and incorporating it into our workflow.

We understand that there is always room for improvement and further exploration when it comes to cutting-edge Machine Translation Model like ModelWiz. As we continue to delve deeper into its functionalities and gain more insights, we are committed to updating this article with any new findings or advancements. Stay tuned for future updates as we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on this innovative platform.

Please let us know if you have any specific resources or links where we can learn more about ModelWiz.

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