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A Good translation is about making language sound natural, which is difficult to do without the knowledge of how idiomatic expressions and collocations work. Idioms help us say many things with just a few words and they help us enrich our language, they are nicer to listen to and make the conversation less monotonous and funnier.

Idioms are often used by native speakers, so if you wanna sound like one, you should start using them.

Idioms can’t be directly translated. Instead, you need to learn the meaning of the expression, not the individual words. So, the best way to sound like a native English speaker is to master the idioms. They might not make sense, but they’re used a lot by English speakers.

Have idioms been driving you up the wall? (Are idioms annoying to you?)

If so, let’s take a look at this FREE illustrated resource to help you learn English better.

Learning Idioms Is Learning Fluency

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