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Can you filter a document in SDL Trados so it only displays specific content?

In SDL Trados Studio 2017 an Advanced Display Filter is introduced to make it easy to drill down to a few segments within a document. For example, at the end of a really long document you might want to filter out the fuzzy matches and only view all of the 100% and context matches, which have been automatically given a “translated" status. This gives you a chance to easily and quickly double-check these segments.

To apply this filter you would apply the following attributes: “Translated", “100% matches" and “Context Matches".

The functionality of the Advanced Display Filter includes searching both source and target simultaneously, filtering an unlimited number of attributes, filtering comments by text and author and filtering document structure.

The best thing is once you have defined the attributes you would like to filter, you can save your Advanced Display Filter settings and easily reapply it to any project you are working on in the future.

This feature will definitely be a big time saver for you.

Watch this video to see the Advanced Display Filter in action.

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