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Freelance Translator Requirements - General Law

If you are an experienced and motivated native-speaker freelance translator who meets the following experience criteria, you could join our freelance team. 

We are about to receive a batch of general legal translations for the following languages:

  • German

  • French

  • Italian

  • Russian

  • Dutch

  • Spanish

  • Hungarian

  • Greek

  • Czech

  • Portuguese

  • Danish

  • Swedish

  • Romanian

  • Polish

  • Bulgarian

  • Finnish

  • Lithuanian

  • Albanian

  • Croatian

  • Estonian

  • Icelandic

  • Welsh

  • Arabic

  • Urdu

Other languages are welcome to submit if you can provide evidence of possessing sufficient knowledge, experience, and references.


  1. Native fluency in the target language, both spoken and written.

  2. Fluency in the source language(s), both spoken and written.

  3. A university degree in translation or linguistics, or a university degree in your specialized subject along with at least 2 years of translation experience.

  4. Ability to work according to tight deadlines and independently is a must.

  5. Experience with translation management systems and CAT tools is required.

  6. You should provide at least 1 related business reference.


For this position, we require specialization in general legal translation.

If you are interested, please ONLY fill out this form with your best translation rate.

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