Joining a pitch competition is an investment for your business. 
It gives you a place where you can pitch your business in front of several investors at a time to help you raise the funding to launch and scale up your business. At the same time, it brings the opportunity for you to grow your network and build partnerships that can significantly benefit you.


  • How effective can participate in different competitions for a pitch is at that moment?

  • How often is that pitch competition held?

  • How much better are the other participants for that competition than you?


This time ITS Groups starts a new platform for supporting businesses.

Each month, there are different prizes for the winners:

  • One-minute 2D animated video (£1,000 value) synced with the pitch's voice

  • One-minute storytelling video (£300 value) synced with the pitch's voice.

The first competition is now being held. So you have a good chance of being among the winners. We make your voice spectacular.

Entry Fee: 

£10 Registration allows you to submit one pitch (60 sec).

%50 - %90 Discounts are available for group registration/Coaches/Teachers 

contact us:

November Prizes:

  • First Place: One-minute 2D animated video (£1,000 value) synced with the pitch's voice + Music background.

  • 2 finalists: One-minute storytelling video (£300 value) synced with the pitch's voice + Music background.

The Rules:

PLEASE READ, we don't want to disqualify you after all the effort you've made.

  • Your elevator pitch must not exceed 60 sec.

  • The pitch files should be in TWO formats, written and mp3 files and in English. So, the text of your pitch must be sent with the audio file.

  • Entrants may submit one pitch.

  • Your pitch could be to introduce an idea, product, service, introduce yourself to an employer or even talking about a social issue.

  • This competition is open to everyone in the world. 

  • The participation dates are 1st-20th of each month; and electronic entries must arrive by 23.59 UK time of the last day.

  • Winners will be announced on the 25th of each month on Facebook, LinkedIn.

  • The animated videos will be ready and sent to the winners within two-three months.

  • Electronic entries received after the closing date,will not be accepted for that month.

  • Amendments cannot be made to entries after they have been submitted; pitches (mp3 or text files) cannot be amended, corrected or substituted. If entrants wish to correct errors in a pitch, they must inform us to withdraw their pitch from the Competition and enter again next month. 

  • ITS Groups reserves the right to disqualify any entry if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the entrant has breached any of these Rules, or made a false declaration on the entry form.

  • This is a young platform. Contact us if you have any concern or question:

  • The link for the registration form send via email within one working day after sign up.

  • Entry indicates acceptance of these rules.


How to enter:

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