Dear colleagues;

Thank you very much for your interest in working with ITS Groups.

We invite you to fill in this form because we are interested in collaborating with you.


As far as VO fees are concerned, it depends on the type of project, length, edited or unedited. Some of the prices of the applicants that we received were regarding Usage fees, studio time, per finished minute, and with respect a minimum fee.

We are looking to find the most appropriate voices and making this process easier for us to choose and start to collaborate.

So, for a better understanding here is our situation:

  • Right now, we have projects from companies who are looking to promote their services and products. Their videos are often a 1 min video, which in those videos there is an explanation of their jobs, services, facilities, etc.

  • For a better understanding of you, we put the script of a project that we already finished, and please let us know just the fee for this type of projects (You don't need to send us any demo for this). Of course, we are looking for a finished audio price and we can't guarantee the minimum price for each project as well. So, if it is a significant factor for you, probably we are not a good match. ;)

  • After filling in this form, we let you know the result in a week and will send you the contract afterwards.

  • Then, you have to send back the signed contract as well as a demo reel that you have consent to be uploaded on our website. (There is a page at ITS Groups website to let our clients listen and choose between all the voices.)

Here is the script: 

How can we reopen the economy without risks of a new outbreak? 

There is a solution, Trustnet. "COVID Compliance Level" according to the World Health Organization requirements.

An expert platform aimed at preserving the health of workers and clients of local businesses.

Trustnet Scientific panel of COVID experts will train thousands of bloggers to check the workplaces and make evaluation videos.

Telewellness Scientific Panel of COVID experts will train millions of bloggers to check business premises out,

aided by PROVER Video Authentication Technology that provides consumers with online tools to identify clean &safe venues.

The most influential bloggers from wellness, health and medical fields will return the trust of the clients to local businesses

Top experts, scientists and doctors who have been in the frontier of fighting the virus will be awarded the Lifetime Award at the Cruise of Hope


Join us in this initiative and together we will accelerate the safe reopening of the economy.

Trustnet. In experts we trust!

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