Parental Control Settings in Modems

In this post we are going to teach you the steps of parental control settings in modem. Modem's device management make it easy for you to restrict the Internet to your children. If your children are also using the Internet and are worried about the sites they visit, you can restrict them through the hours, or filter some sites. You'll also be able to set it in the way that automatically disconnect from the Internet at specified times. In addition to filtering specific addresses on your network, the Parental Control setting lets you determine which devices should not have Internet access at specific time of the week.

Steps to Set Up Parental Control in Modem

Step One

First run your browser and log in to your modem's device manager.

Step Two

From the menu, click on Parental control to open the relevant settings page. The location on Parental control differs in each modem. If it is not straight forward, you have to search all tabs and submenus.

Be patient, there is always one.

In Huawei modems, you can find it in Tools>parental Control

Step Three

Click on the following link as it is shown in the picture to add new devices and put certain rules.

Step Four

Add the devices that you want to set restriction for them and Set up Internet access times.

Step Five

Save the settings. At this point you can enter the list of sites you want to be unavailable.

Step Six

After click on the Web Filter, you can find following page:

You can filter all the domains you want.

In this example we have filtered the Netflix site!

But is this necessary?

For some popular and useful sites such as Netflix, there are also separate ways to monitor children's activity in a better and more reliable way.

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