Scope of Assessment

In this section, we need you to describe the elements of your organization which you want to certify to this accreditation. The scope should be either the whole organization or an organizational subunit (for example, the UK operation of a multinational company). All computers, laptops, servers, mobile phones, tablets and firewalls/routers that can access the internet and are used by this organization or sub-unit to access business information should be considered “in-scope”. All locations that are owned or operated by this organization or sub-unit, whether in the UK or internationally should be considered “in-scope”.

Does the scope of this assessment cover your whole organization?

Please note: Your organization is only eligible for free Cyber Insurance if your assessment covers your whole company, if you answer "No" to this question you will not be invited to apply for insurance. Your whole organization would include all divisions and all people and devices that use business data.

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