Affiliate program

ITS Groups new affiliate marketing plan


Get 20% commission by promoting ITS Groups Animated Video Production and Your effort is rewarded each time a payment is made.

Suitable for:


  • Anyone knows businesses who are looking to promote their product or services with an animated video (Even their own company)

  • Anyone who interested to work as an affiliate marketer:


It's super easy to start!










1- Sign Up in the ITS Groups website. (Corner Top Right of the website)

2- You will receive a unique 20% discount code and a Gift Voucher via email for video animating (Including whiteboard storytelling video, 2D/3D animations, NOT CoPlus Plan).

3- Send this 20% discount code or Voucher to the businesses that need an animated video.

4- If they apply with your code, they will get a 20% discount for their order by applying with your code (in Get price page). And you will receive 20% of the client's final payment on video animating. If they apply with £200 voucher code, their requested video length should be at least 60sec.

5- This discount code could be used for your own business. Then you can save 20% for your order and we will pay back 20% of your final payment. Enjoy!

6-  You will get a 20% commission from each single order payment made by a user who registers via your discount code. Or £200 per contract if anyone apply with your Gift Voucher.

7- There is no approval for affiliate registrations so you can start promoting right away.

after receiving your "Discount code & Gift Voucher". 

8- Charities are eligible for more than 40% discount code. In this case, this 20% discount code for them and yours is not acceptable. If there is any charity, who is interested in our services, send an email directly to the:

9- A client can use Discount code or Gift voucher, Not both of them.

1- Register

There is no approval process for registrations.  Once you have the free Discount code, you can start.

2- Promote

We have prepared highly engaging promo materials. You will find it with your unique affiliate code. Just share it and start earning.

3- Earn

Get 20 % from every payment. Payments are made via PayPal.

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