Social Media Ads


Social Media Ads are advertisements which are shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube…

ITS Groups has pivoted its business model to help businesses speak the language of video.


Video ads are the top way that consumers find out about a new brand before purchasing, with Instagram standing out as a purchase driver this year. The social media giant is showing the biggest increase year over year of any platform. However, consumers still rate Facebook and Youtube as the first and second best platforms for watching socials videos from brands.

"The foundation of all these amazing studies and stats and results is that video is how people want their information. What we as businesses need to make sure we’re doing is delivering our message and content in a way people actually want information. That’s why we see video everywhere," says Jason Hsiao, cofounder of Animoto. "People recall six times the amount of information from a video than from text. Video gets three times as many shares as text and images combined."While video is quickly becoming consumer's favorite kind of branded content on social media, there are still reasons for marketers to be weary of it. Video creation from scratch is time-consuming, with prior knowledge necessary to operate the complex tools and software.

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